Introducing CM Strike,
the first above water lure.

A one-of-a-kind experience that will get everyone in the family hooked on the sport of fishing.


Hook ‘em young. Hook ‘em for life.

Want to share your love of the outdoors and freshwater fishing with the newest generation? Get them going with CM Strike and watch how this exciting fishing experience will keep them coming back for more. because when you can 'c m' strike you are sure to get hooked! So grab your favorite fishing buddy and let CM Strike help you build memories that will last a lifetime.


A lure like no other.

Now beginner fishermen can experience the reward of catching a fish using the world’s first above water fishing lure. Our lure lightly weights and balances the line, which makes casting a cinch. Once cast, the lure sits on top of the water and dangles the bait so the magic can begin. You will light up with delight when you 'c m strike' as the fish jumps out of the water, grabs the bait, and gets hooked!



Leaving a Legacy

Catch and release fishing helps ensure a healthy fish population for generations to come. The unique position of the CM Strike’s bait and use of an above-the-water lure ensures a perfect mouth hook every time increasing the survival rate of the fish and introducing even the youngest fishermen to sustainable fishing practices.